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MHRW: Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali, Today Episode, 23 June 2021, Written Update, Pallavi Angry On Raghav!


The episode begins with Raghava and Pallavi goes to Sunny’s home. Where they use to ask Sunny to let them take to meet his parents. Sunny tells them that her parents are divorced and they live separately, but my friend use to love there and we will set a meeting with him, Then Raghav says that it’s ok, I understand how it feels when you stay away from your family. Then Sunny says that I’m ready to get married. He further added that “I’m ready to get married for the sake of Kritis and Amama’s happiness else I wasn’t interested in marriage. But now I have all set to matty Kriti.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Then Pallvi and Raghav are about to level and Sunny murmured “Pallavi is such a clever lady and one day I have to teach her a lesson. Enable this day will come very soon.” Then Sunny turns and he sees that Pallavi is standing behind him he gets shocked whether she has to listen to him. And he thoughts that now have to do something what if she has overheard everything and will tell Kriti. On the other side, Salochana goes to Masi and she tells her that tomorrow will be Pooja. But Masi gets offended and says Pallavi will also going to do this for Raghav and I have no one to do this Pooja for.

After this, we will witness that Sunny calls Kriti and he uses it to fill her ears against Pallavi. Later Sunny’s car hist Vaid and they use to meet each other. After this Sunny and Vaid become friends. On the other side, Raghav asks Pallavi if there is something wrong with her but she chooses to stay quiet. Later Amma comes to Raghav and tells him that your mother-in-law call’s me and she tells him that there will be Pooja next week hence it’s a ritual that you must have to fetch Saree for Pallavi.

Then Pallavi and Sunny talk to each other on phone and they use to taunt each other also. When Pallavi reaches home she gets surprised to see lots of gifts in her room. Meanwhile, Amm enters and she tells her that Raghav has brought these gifts for the Pooja in the next week. And the episode ends here.

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