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(MHRW) Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 31 May 2021 Written Episode Update: Mandar’s Grand Entry In Pallavi’s Life!


In the new episode of the Serial, you are going to see Pallavi as she is getting her coffee and is whishing Jaya a very good morning after which Jaya asked her if she has slept well and then Pallavi said that she slept just fine and further asked that why is she asking that so Jaya said that she was just asking generally and then Pallavi stated that Raghav is also just fine and he has gone to office as she said that it was a late-night.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali

Jaya stated that it is her right but then Pallavi cuts her and says that it not true as she is going to be here for some time and then she says that you were saying something and then she stated that she wants to get a tattoo as it is Kirti’s birthday as she further stated that she wants to get the tattoo of her daughter as she wants to break the taboo of kids getting tattoos of their parents.

She stated that it seems odd but then Pallavi encouraged her as she said that the idea she is saying is so cool and then she stated that she has asked Kriti already to go with her to the kid’s house but she stated that she is pretty scared and that is why she asks Pallavi to come with her to which Pallavi replied with a yes. Then in the next scene, you are going to see Sunny as he is cleaning the house and is on a call with Kriti as he is dropping colors over him and then he told her that he is going to call her later and then Vijay is setting up his sarees in a corner as Pallavi and Jaya are visiting Sunny’s house

Jaya sees Sunny who is all covered with the paint and then she asked him that why is he all covered up with so much paint as he stated that he was working and she dropped the color onto him and then he states to Pallavi that he has so many amazing designs for her and then he stated that Ibam is not going to be getting any tattoo and then Sunny stated that this is so cool as she is the eldest customer that she has had and then Jaya stated that does he find her old and then Sunny stated that there are pretty fewer people who are into making tattoo and then he further stated that he has many designs.

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