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(MHRW) Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali, 2 June 2021, Written Update, Pallavi Fix All The Mess!


The serial “Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali” is back with another exciting episode to make the audiences with the storyline. In today’s episode of 2nd June 2021, the viewers can expect another drama along with the romance. The storyline of the serial is currently on a love track where Pallavi decides to arrange a surprise for her husband Raghav. Let’s directly begin the update of the serial without wasting further time, the episode begins with Sharda who is talking to Vijay and says thank god you are finally at home. I was so afraid of you. Vijay is very much conscious and drops the glass of water while drinking it.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Sharda gets scared and starts crying, Milind tries to console her and says just take him in the room and tries to make him relax. Amruta finds a letter and says this letter is in the name of Vijay and Sharda went outside and reads the letter and comes in a sudden shock while reading it and says how Pallavi can be so stupid. Milind asks what is written on the letter and why you are saying that. On the other side, Pallavi is talking to Jaya and says I want to say thank you to Raghav.

She further says I am very thankful to him that he helped Vijay Baba. Jaya says to Pallavi she wants to do some rest and later on, I will tell you but right now I want to take some rest. Pallavi leaves her alone and says just call me if you want something. At Vijay house, Milind says do not to believe in an unknown letter. Raghav asks Farhad to get to know the truth. Pallavi goes to Raghav and he says just leave us alone for some time we are discussing something important.

Pallavi says I just want to talk to Farhad and it will take only 2 minutes and then Raghav tells Farhad to go along with Pallavi. When Farhad goes to her she starts asking a question to him related with Raghav such as what he likes to eat, and I am thinking baking Mango cake for him. Farhad says he doesn’t like mango but he likes to eat Protein cake. Pallavi says ok then I will make a very delicious cake for him so that he gets impressed with me. Farhad says he already impressed and always thinking about your happiness. The episodes end here we will see tomorrow what next is going to happen but till then stay safe at home and watch this episode of “Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali ” on the Star Plus channel at 6:30 PM and stay grooved with us.

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