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MHRW: Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th June 2021 written update: Kirti Crosses Her Limits, Raghav Angry On Pallavi!


Hello viewers we are here to keep you updated with a written episode of your favorite serial “Mehendi Hai Rachne Vali” on 14 June 2021. The episode begins with Raghav reaches to Sunny’s home and Sunny gets to see him there while he asks him what is he doing here if everything is fine? Then Raghav asks him why is he behaving weirdly. Then he asks Sunny what is going n between Kiriti and him. Sunny remains stunned when he listens to him Raghanv warms her to not to lie else will not going to spare him at any cost.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Then Raghav tells him that he knows you and Kirti are about to run from there as I have been tracking your phone. Then Sunny says to him that this is illegal and you can’t do this. Raghav tells him that I’m a don and can do anything. On the other side, Kirti is calling Sunny but Pallavi is there with her and she is trying her best to stop Kirti tale any wrong steps. But Kirti isn’t ready to listen to anything and she uses to tell many things to Pallvi about Raghav.

On the other side, we will see that Rghav asks Sunny how much money he needs to leave his sister. Sunny asks him to answer how much he wants to offer him.m Rghava says I will give you one crore cash and you have to stay away from my sister. Sunny tells Rgajav that he needs 5 crores cash Rgahav agrees to him and tells him to leave Hyderabad. Om the other hand Kirti calling Sunny but he didn’t receive her call.

Sunny gets what he wants hence he isn’t interested in Kirti. Later Amma also gets angry at Kirti but Pallavi tried to handle everything. Then Raghav also comes there, and he tells Kirti that I know about you and Sunny. Then he slaps Kriti and tells her to go inside her room. He leaves to his room Pallavi also follows him and he gets angry with her as he asks if she knows everything then why didn’t she tell him?

After this, we will see that Kirti is getting hyper and she is bursting ut in the ager. While Pallavi tries to calm her. But Kirti blames her that she is the not one who tells them about Sunny. Pallavi tries her best to convenience her that she isn’t the one who tells about Sunny to Raghav. But Kirti isn’t ready to listen to anything.

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