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MHA: My Hero Academia Chapter 336: Spoiler, Release Date and Time Revealed


MHA: My Hero Academia Chapter 336: Spoiler, Release Date and Time Revealed: The most awaited and famous animated manga series “My Hero Academia” is highly watched and read by throughout the world. After the success of Chapter 335, the makers of the series are back with the next chapter, and the raw scans of MHA Chapter 336 were just leaked today, and mangaka Kohei Horikoshi watches have destabilized the expectations of the readers once more. While readers were left quite disappointed after MHA Chapter 335, they are now left bewildered from shock after MHAC 336. In this blog, we are sharing what is known so far about the latest chapter. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

MHA Spoiler Leaked On Reddit

MHA Spoiler Leaked On Reddit

In MHA Chapter 335, readers read the vestige of Stripe and Star vanish with the last of her peculiarity, New Order. The rest of the globe declines to come to Japan assistance after what happened with Stripe and Star. The development of Shigaraki is delayed and the UA pupils now have an entire week to train for their final fight. MHA Chapter 336 starts from here.

My Hero Academia Chapter 336 Spoiler

Chapter 336 starts with correcting one of the suggestions of the last chapter. It looks like Stripe and Star did manage to demolish some of the quirks of AFO. The UA students believe that they have a chance to win. Though All Might reminds them that AFO is erratic and that they are up against a lot of powerful foes, including Toga, Dabi, six near High-end Nomus, and many others. In the meantime, the number of heroes has been lessening by half.

My Hero Academia Chapter 336 Release Date

  • 5 December

Though, in the next panel of MHA Chapter 336 as usual, Bakugou screams and recalls All Might that they have been training with the pro heroes too. Also, whereas All Might was watching after Deku, Class 1-A has grown stronger. Deku then asks if they will assist him to train and Bakugou informs him that he will test his new technique, Cluster on Deku. To know the rest of the story just waiting for its release.

My Hero Academia Chapter 336 Speculations

MHA Chapter 336 all but asserts that Hagakure is the traitor in UA unless Horikoshi later decides that it was just an eloquent choice to put the dialog of AFO “I have friends” on the same panel where Hagakure is so mysteriously drawn. Different from the “Dabi is a Todoroki” theory, which was confirmed at the time of the War Arc, the “UA traitor” theory had some clues and seemed dubious.

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