Recently there is news coming from the Tamil Nadu region of India that the water level in the reservoir is crossing the safety level of water in the dam and the water is outflowing from the dam and crossing the 105 feet mark of water level as a result of heavy rainfall. this is the time of monsoon season in the southern parts of India and the water level is crossing the limits of water in the dam the news came after the incident reporting that the water level in the dam is increased. Follow More Update On

mettur dam water level today

This rate of inflow of water in the dam will result in severe flood problems in the nearby areas as the water flow Tamil Nadu based damn cross 105 feet in the dam and soon it is likely to raise the water level in the area and further it will be affecting agriculture and many sectors based on rainfall ratio. As the water reservoir is also known as Stanley Reservoir which had its highest level of water safety mark up to 120 feet and already it is at 105 feet.

Which shows the signs of danger level and authorities are showing red alerts for public safety, and because of the continuous water flow in the reservoir because the rainwater is collected in the dam and later released in the tributary canals and drains but this rising water level is not going down because the rain is not stopping throughout the day, and in the night it has increased further two feet and now it is running at a water level of 107 feet above the sea bed level.

as the height is measles from the sea level because of the earth’s round shape and water is evenly spread evenly around the globe. As the water flow of rain increases the level goes continuously upwards in the dam and on a Tuesday morning the water stored over hundred feet and there was a severe increase of 4 feet water level rise the official sources claim that this level is a sign of danger.

and the catchment area of Cauvery in Karnataka or receiving heavy rain and inflow of rainwater at the Delhi Gudalur the entire point of Cauvery water from Kanyakumari to Tamil Nadu is released into the dam and it stood around 1.1,00,00 cusec water volume in the dam on Tuesday that is a very huge amount of water to handle by the dam of that capacity and razor wire is the lifeline of D is the delta region people of Tamil Nadu.

meanwhile increasing rain also making troubles for the management and witnessed and Coimbatore district as almost all the dams or reaching their full capacity I cannot hold any more water the scenario or not very favorable as some of the dams are against 165 feet solar dam water is stored at 1:62.8 on Wednesday morning while the earlier level recorded 96 feet against 120 is the full capacity of the dam.


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