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Merge Mansion Valentine Event 2022 Ink Details Explained


Merge Mansion Valentine Event 2022 Ink Details Explained: This news is especially for the game lovers who love to play the android game “Merge Mansion”. The month of February is considered the month of Love, as lovers celebrate “Valentine’s Week” this month and as a result, the effect of the love will be seen in games as well. The popular game “Merge Mansion” brought Valentine’s Day Event in this game. The Valentine’s Day Event is a Seasonal Event, which was unlocked between the 11th February 2022 and 28th February 2022. This is an Event that can gain Valentine’s Day Decorations for your Mansion. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Merge Mansion Valentine Event 2022 Ink

Merge Mansion Valentine Event 2022 Ink

Event Mechanics

  • Prerequisites: This event is solely unlocked between 11-02-2022 and 28-02-2022.
  • How To Get It: Once you open the event, it will be available through the gate on your normal Garage. Valentine’s Day can be accessed through the Valentine’s Day event button on the screen of the map.
  • Reward: Adorns and decorations for the Grand Drive area of your garden.
  • Leveling Up: In order to increase the level, the players have to do Tasks to gain Valentine’s Day Points, which the player can use to purchase Valentine’s Day Decorations for the Grand Drive in the shop of Valentine’s Day.
  • Event Length: This seasonal event is only available between 11-02-2022 and 28-02-2022 and will remain available during the time.


Dialogue that reveals at the beginning of the event:

Maddie: Valentine’s Day! Yahoo! Another good reason for the decorations of the garden.

Ursula: That is a right sweety. But work prior to play! The garden would seem so beautiful if the side gate would be polished. But I am already a bent old lady.

Maddie: Do not worry Grandmother! I can clean the gate! Wow, this is not a common gate? What is behind it? Whose love nest is this grandmother???

Ursula: Oh me…well you know, those are such good remembrances!

Maddie: I know? Does that mean it supposed to be yours and grandfather Char—

Ursula: I am sorry I really require to check on those cookies now.

Maddie: Cookies!! really, Well by all means! Not for the first time I smell a mystery…And roses! Let us check if there are any kind of decorations is available for the garden to make it romantic for Valentine’s Day!

Dialogue is exchanged when each decoration is accessed:

Roddy: Your decorations make me hope every day was Valentine’s Day!

Maddie: Thank you so much! Might be your wish will surely come true when you discover a valentine for life!

Maddie: That is lovely! Do I know the lucky girl?

Roddy: Oh, haha! Yes, you do! You know her very well, as she-

Maddie: Sorry Roddy, but WHAT is grandmother doing there? I need to go!

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