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Mere Sai Today’s Episode 6th May 2021 Written Update: Chandra and Savitri did Decoration!


In the first scene of the episode, Sai is seeing asking Chandra that did she sleep well after she got upset to which she started nodding sadly and states that it is next to impossible to change his mindset, he is stuck with no and it seems like he is going to stick with that only and further states about his nature of being short-tempered, she also said that she has already tried a lot of times but it seems like he is stubborn about not trusting fakirs and she further says that he has no idea about who you are.

Mere Sai

Sai replies calmly that Maalik is the one who decides where someone needs to go and he only decides where they end and says that even her husband is going to come to Shirdi after which Chandra starts smiling and says that she is not worried about anything now as he has said this.

She went on to say that she wants her husband to be calm like her so can he help her out in doing so and stated that Sai and she are like brothers and sisters so for his sister he can do this much to which he replies that the puzzle is going to be solved when the right time comes and right now it not the time.

In the next scene, Ram Ji is seeing waiting for Bade Babu as one of his colleagues tells him to understand the situation and further says that he doesn’t need to waste his time as Bade Babu is stubborn and he is not going to come and Ram ji gives an ultimatum that he is going to make him say yes or…. after which the other colleagues ask him about the other alternative as he power walks to Bade Babu’s office and states that he is going to see how is he not going to talk with him today.

In the next scene, you will be seeing Sai chanting and a lady tells him to keep on doing the chanting and he asks Chandra to go to her home immediately as everyone is trying to figure out what is happening and are pretty confused about the whole situation and Chandra then asks him that has she committed some kind of mistake to which he says that it is a must for you to go there and he tells Tatya to proceed on and help her with her departure as Baizama instructs Chandra to listen to her as there is one thing that they have understood in all of these years that if he says something then you need to listen to him.

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