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Mere Sai 20th May 2021 written update: Sai Provides His Counsel


In the new episode, you are going to see Rambha who is shell shocked after seeing Rama as her eyes got widen up and she is also pretty shocked as Sai is stating that the promise that the lady made to her has been fulfilled by the lady as she has raised that girl with a lot of affection and love and has fulfilled the promise that she made.

Mere Sai

The show goes in the flashback in which it is being shown that Rama is getting taken care of Ajji, it will be shown that she has grown up to be 11 years old and the girl has started referring to her as Ajji, the girl and Mayi grown up to be pretty fond of each other and took great care of each other. The girl never had her parents with her and that is something that is tragic for a child, Rama is seeing a father holding his daughter’s hand and taking her to a walk after which he got a little sad.

In the next scene, Sai has stood up and seen that everyone has stood up as he is looking at Rama and Ajji was giving her best to support the girl but because of her age she couldn’t force the issue as she couldn’t even explain to the kid about the sour truth about her parents as she was completely aware of the fact that if she tells the truth, it is completely going to shatter her as the girl was many times thinking about the whereabouts of her parents whenever she is alone as having parents is something that is required for a child until he reaches to a stage.

Where he/she is capable of taking care of themselves and Sai teaches them about the importance of parents as the kids present there all understood him as he says that people who don’t have parents, ask them about their struggles and you will get to know how important and how lucky we are as we have parents and the kids hug their parents and tell them that they are not going throw any kind of tantrums from now on and they are going to work hard as they were being stubborn before as they wanted to have some luxurious stuff but now they are telling their parents that they are going to buy their parents everything they want when they are going to earn a lot as they are going to study hard and are going to become successful to provide them with whatever they need after which Sai applauds the kids for their understanding.

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