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Men’s Slipper Styles That Are Trending


Our daytime footwear is usually formal shoes or sneakers, or floaters. So, it’s quite evident that slippers are what your feet crave at the end of the day. These chappal for men provide arch support and comfort while looking stylish.

Men's Slipper

Considering seasons, be it beachy summers or cold winters, men’s slippers have multiple purposes and long duration of usage. Slipping into a pair of slippers for men or comfortable women slippers is the perfect way to relax. Getting out of bed is much nicer when your toes are snuggled into fuzzy slippers first thing in the morning. And returning home after work, you will look forward to taking off your formal pair of shoes and slipping into something soft and comfortable.

Men’s slippers come in a bewildering array of styles. You will be spoilt for choice with the available pairs. But form is just one consideration. We’ve selected our finest picks for this season to cover a little bit of everything, from the lavish to the more reasonable. So continue reading if you want to enhance your chappal collection and add some stylish pairs.

The level of comfort, durability, foot support and your personal and lifestyle preferences are factors to consider when selecting the best slippers for men. You may prefer a specific color or material, or there may be a style that is best suited to your feet.

Slippers are considered comfortable above all else. However, choosing the appropriate men’s or women’s slippers can be tricky, so here are some slipper options to help you decide.

Flip Flops

The nicest footwear for the summer season is flip-flops. They are the most popular choice of men when they want to buy easy and comfortable footwear. Flip-flops are not only comfy but can be a stylish chappal for men.

Leather slippers

Wearing comfortable shoes can be a mood booster. So, while you sit in one place and work for hours continuously, investing in a good pair of leather slippers or sandals makes sense. Leather slippers and sandals are so versatile that they may be worn outside as well. Leather footwear is known for being comfortable and durable, making them an excellent choice for men. Leather slippers and sandals are your nicest companion whether you’re working from home or going out.


Moccasin is a classic men’s footwear and a great choice. Moccasins are comfortable and stylish. They are soft-leather semi-formal shoes. You can wear moccasins with or without socks which makes them year-round shoes. You can pair them with pants, jeans, capris, or shorts for a comfortable and casual look. They are perfect for a house shoe or slipper as well as for everyday activities.


Crocs serve as a combination of a slipper and shoe. With a cult following, these slippers are the right choice for anyone who goes from lounging at home, organizing the grocery list, to heading out to the store.

Crocs have become popular in a short span – popular yet niche. Croc is a brand that has become synonymous with chappal for men. This fantastic footwear is popular with women and children too, owing to its comfort and warm feel.


As the name implies, loafers are a stand-out option for someone on their feet all day. For times when you’d like to relax on the couch after work, the shock-absorbing midsole and memory foam cushioning will provide comfort if you need to run around the house instead.

Loafers are undoubtedly the dressier and more comfortable variant in footwear. Commonly known as slip-on shoes, loafers have achieved versatility as the perfect footwear, whether you are dressing for the occasion or being yourself.

Sandals or sliders

Sandals are a popular footwear choice for both men and women. They look delicately stylish and are comfortable to wear. They pair with many casual outfits, including jeans, shorts, Capris, tailored trousers, and more. Summertime requires choosing footwear that supplies your feet with added comfort and relaxation. These chappals for men are the right choice for the summer season. It is a must-have item in your bag if you’re going on a trip or holiday. Sliders have become the current fashion trend, and everyone appears to be enamored with them.

To conclude

Footwear is not just a necessity but an opportunity to showcase our sense of fashion. It is a peep into one’s lifestyle and personal identity. The kind of footwear you choose reflects a lot about your personality, so go for quality products at the best price. The idea of buying suitable footwear means it is not only comfortable but looks stunning too. The moment you wear it, you should feel confident and smart.

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