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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Written Update 23 April 2021: Raghav & Pallavi Special Sequence!


I hope you guys are doing good. We are back with another update of the most beloved star plus show “Mehandi Hai Rachne Wali” on 23rd April 2021. As the viewers already watch that the show is based on the life of a widow whose family is finding a suitable companion for her. As the show is daily soap so obviously many twists and turns are witnessed in each upcoming episode so let’s see what new the show has in their store for the entertainment of the audience along with the new twists.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

The episode begins with Raghav who is talking to Pallavi and says he gave the shops to her and even the money too what else she needs? Vijay angrily hit on the face Raghav and says how dare you talk to her like that she is my honor and she can never make any mistake not even in her dreams. She can never lie to me and even the god will say she is wrong I will not believe in them as well.

Raghav gives the sarcastic smile to him and says blind trust is not good then he asks Pallavi don’t you lied to your father for the past two years. Your shop -Deshmukh’s Sarees is in the loss and your beloved daughter Pallavi are showing fake accounts to you for the past two weeks and then he gives the correct records of the shop to Vijay. Raghav continues to say she wants the shop in her name but Pallavi says please do not trust him and asks him why he is doing this with her.

Raghav says you torcher and hurt me a lot now it’s my turn to take revenge on you and then he shows the paper of the shop in which the original agreement with Raghav. Vijay is stunned after watching all these and Pallavi says how did you get this paper as I had given it to the lawyer for the order of the stay. Raghav says don’t lie you gave me this paper. Krishna is also supporting Pallavi and says Raghav making wrong allegations on Pallavi. Raghav shows the photos and the chat group to her family and says you saw this photo in the news right and this girl too.

The girl who is in the photo is none other than Pallavi and you all accused me and questioning my character but I did not utter any word against her but now I am speaking the truth. Pallavi slaps Raghav and says just shut your mouth and Raghav says to accept the truth and says to her to stop playing with the emotions of your family and then he leaves and thinks she destroyed my family and I have also done the same is called tit for tat. The episode ends here now how will Pallavi will win the trust and the love of her family back and which new turn will come in the life of Raghav and Pallavi with this behavior of Raghav. To know this just stay tuned with us and we will back with another update of the show soon. Enjoy this episode of “Mehandi Hai Rachne Wali” on the star plus channel at 6:30 PM.

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