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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Written Episode Update 29th April 2021: Raghav Calls Pallavi Shameless


Grab all the written episode updates of your favorite serial “Mehndi Hai Rachne Vali”. The episode begins with Raghav goes to Pallavi and he calls her shameless women. While his mother tells him that she will go to live with him and he gets super happy listening to this but his mother puts condition in front of him. To know what is this condition read the full article. Farad and Raghav rush to their mother’s house while Raghav is in anger and Fard asks him why is he so aggressive.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

And Raghav enters the house he asks her mother where is Pallavi and she comes here, Rghav tells her “you are the worst girl I have ever met and I give you the money still you are here. So shameless you are.”Pallavi replies that “I didn’t ask for you to give me many, and you were the one who told me the business is business. Hence if you get a profit never leave the chance and that was what I did and this why I have used your money and pay the hospital bills.”

Raghav is so angry to listen to this and he replies that “I will not ging t apologize to her at all and he tells Frahad to leave from here.” On the other side, Pllavu goes to the hospital and she tells her mom that “you don’t have to worry at all as I have paid all the pending bills of dad and he is in better condition while shifted to the normal bed from an ICU bed.”

She gets emotional and she thanked me a lot. Later Sloachan comes and sit beside Pallavi. Salochan uses to taunt her by saying “I know how you have been brought this from Raghav.” Meanwhile, we ail see Raghav is on call and he is in anger and when she goes in a hall he gets happy seeing her mom there. His mother used to tell her about the Vaastu shastra and tells him to make some changes in the house as I and Kriti can live here like this.

He is so happy that her mom is coming to live with him. And he gets shocked when his mother puts a condition in front of him to get married to Pallavi and he tells her mom that he can’t get married to that girl. But his mother forces him a lot and it is exciting to see what will he do. And the episode ends here.

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