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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 8th March 2021 Today’s Episode Written Update: Pallavi Allegedly Blames Raghav For Her Kidnapping


In today’s episode of Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 8th March 2021, the show begins with Pallavi, she challenges Raghav that he can do anything he wants but she will not be going to leave Hyderabad in any condition and in this reply, Raghav tells him that he will not be going to gaunt her and make her life hell. Pallavi tells Sharda who will be going to take care of the shop if she takes the rest.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Sharda informs Pallavi that Vijay is going to look after the shop and he is already on his way towards the shop. But in the meantime, Pallavi got the call from Krishna and he asks Pallavi to come urgently to the shop. In the second scenario, Raghav is screaming at Farhad and asks her to throw her out of my house right now and then he went for the devotion.

He starts performing his Yajna and in the meantime, Pallavi awaken and find herself in Raghav house and thinking that she has to go back home quickly as everybody is worried about her in her absence. Farhad went to Raghav room and finds that she is not in his room and then Farhad starts watching her everywhere inside the house. Raghav performing his Yajna devotedly and Mr Mehra impressed by his devotion and the way he accomplished Yajna.

Pandit tells Raghav to hang the wreath on the neck of the goddess Parvati, this process is supposed to be performed by the wife of Raghav but as Raghav is unmarried, he himself put the wreath to the goddess. Pallavi comes there and starts blaming Raghav for her kidnapping. She allegedly blames Raghav for everything, she shouts at him and tells him that firstly he burn her raw material then he burns her shop.

And now he is really going out of his limits, how he dared to kidnap her. He is a disgusting person and she has never met such a worst person in her life. Raghav asks her to just shut up and asks his guards to throw her out of the house right now. But Pallavi asks the guard to just recede and asks Raghav about his intentions. She also questioned his Shiv devotion and tells him that lord shiva always protects girls from danger but you only use girls for your own benefits.

After seeing all these dramas Mr Mehra break their partnership with Raghav and tells him that they will not be going to continues his business with Raghav as they do not want to spoil their image in the market. Farhad tries to stop them but they leave the house.

Raghav got very angry after this incident and now it’s interesting to watch the next step of Raghav and how he is going to ruin the life of Pallavi but for that, the viewers need to watch the full episode on the Star Plus channel at 6:30 PM or read the upcoming updates of the show on our website.

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