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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 7th June 2021 full episode written update: Pallavi Surprised To Know About Stranger!


Today’s episode begins with Keerti as she goes to meet Sunny and starts crying to see his state. She tells him to wake up. Keerti Yells at Rocky. Sunny wakes up and Keerti sees her. Then she tells Rocky to go. Keerti starts scolding Sunny and asks him not to do that again with her. They both confess their love for each other. Keerti leaves. At night, she thinks that Sunny will wish her a happy birthday after fifteen minutes by calling her first. Pallavi comes to her. She asks her why she and Jaya hate Raghav so much. She asks her about the past.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Pallavi says that she can prove Raghav’s innocence. Keerti refuses to believe in her and says that Raghav does the unexpected thing every time. Pallavi then wishes her for her birthday and goes from there. Keerti gets a call from Sunny and tells him that he didn’t wish her first. Sunny says to her that he can compensate for this. He says that he will come to her house to wish her. Keerti denies. Pallavi enters her room and notices Ragav there. She asks what is he doing in her room. He handover her a gift which he brought for Keerti. She asks her to give her himself.

He says that she will not accept as they had an argument. Pallavi opens the gift and sees a beautiful necklace. She compliments the design. Raghav tells her that he is the one who designed it. Pallavi says that she doesn’t know that he has this talent as well except taunting. Raghav asks her to give the gift to Keerti. The next morning, Raghav calls his employees to come to his house. He says that he won’t punish everyone for someone’s mistake. Pallavi says to Farhad that one of the employees has stolen the necklace. He agrees. Pallavi appreciates Raghav hearing his words.

The employees leave from there. One employee who stolen the necklace collides with Sunny who is entering the house, they both whispered something which notices by Pallavi. Sunny meets Raghav. Pallavi questions them that how they both know each other. Raghav tells her that Sunny helped him that day when he needs to reach the Railway station. Sunny says he came here to give him his chain which he discovered during cleaning his car. Raghav says that the chain does not belong to him and leaves. Later, Pallavi asks Sunny about Rocky. Catch the upcoming episode of “Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali” on Star Plus at 06:30 PM.

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