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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali, 29th May 2021, Written Episode Update, Pallavi Apologize To Raghav!


The episode begins with Pallavi as she says that Raghav is a devil, not a human being. She notices Jaya in hurry and asks why she is worried. She tells her that Raghav ate something spicy and it’s like poison for him as he is allergic to spicy foods. Pallavi joins Jaya and goes to Raghav’s room. Farhad tells them that Raghav’s condition is not okay. Raghav comes out of the bathroom. Jaya and Farhad help him led on the bed. Jaya gets afraid when she sees blood in Raghav’s mouth. She yells and question who cook spicy food in the house.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Raghav says to her that he had outside food and he gives a look to Pallavi. Jaya asks about Doctor. Farhad tells her that the driver has gone to pick a doctor from his house. Jaya asks Raghav to have medicine but he denies it. Pallavi says to Farhad to bring a glass and ice cubes. Pallavi asks Raghav to eat medicine. He takes it. Farhad comes with ice cubes and gives Pallavi. She asks him to have it. Later, Farhan brings medicines and tells that the doctor gives medicines as he can’t come for some reason. Pallavi asks Farhad and Pallavi to go and take a rest, she will look after Raghav.

After that, Pallavi asks why he ate spicy food. He says to her that he knows that she is giving punishment to him for his rude behavior with Vijay. She says that she gets to know that he and Vijay are the same so it had to happen. Raghav says her that he is going to play games as he feeling better now. She drags him and asks him to sleep. He does the same. In the night. An unknown person comes inside the house and exchanges the bags. Sharda hears a voice and comes outside. She notices the Diya extinct and gets worried.

The next morning, Jaya enters the room and about to wake Raghav up but stops and gets happy to see him on Pallavi’s lap. Jaya also stops Farhad when he was going to wake up Raghav. Pallavi awakes and says he can’t understand him as sometimes he makes me angry and sometimes she feels love for him for his behavior. Raghav awakes and says thanks to her for look after him the whole night. He says that he will also say sorry to Vijay. She asks him to bring Watermelon for Sharda. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali” on Star Plus at 06:30 PM.

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