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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 28th April Today’s Episode: Raghav Gives 5 Lakh Rupees To Pallavi


Hello readers, we are present here to share the next written update of your daily soap “Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali” the story of the show is currently showing the high voltage drama and the viewers love to watch it. Star plus always tries to entertain its viewers and taking care of their needs and in this process, a new unexpected turn of events will be witnessed in the storyline of the show. The episode as usual features the fight and argument of Pallavi and Raghav. The viewers will watch another heated argument of both of them.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Pallavi is sitting solitary and Raghav goes near to her and thinks to hurt her again but Pallavi watches him and thinks she will not going to react and soon teaches him a lesson. Raghav says nasty things to offend Pallavi he says Pallavi you are a disgusting girl. I have taken your things and you go to my mother and what you think I will cry and beseech to you then you are highly mistaking.

I am done with you, keep this cheque of Rs 5 Lakh and convert it into cash. I know this amount really big for you but for me, it’s just a little amount. Raghav leaves from that place and Pallavi stands there silently. On the other side, Kirti asks Nikhil about Pallavi as Pallavi leaves the house and nobody knows where she is and Jaya is worrying about her and praying from God, Hope Raghav did not create any new problem in her life instead of asking apologies.

On the other side, Pallavi remembring all the incidents that occurred with her and blankly looks at the cheque and thinks Raghav told her to leave the place. During this thought process, she gets the call from Nikhil and Nikhil asks her to come home soon as everyone is worried about her and in this reply she says she will back soon. In one scene Nikhil asks for money from Sulochana and she says she doesn’t have any money for him and if needs money he can ask from Raghav. Pallavi uses the cheque for clearing the bills of the hospital.

Pallavi goes to her house and says she will not enter the house until the Baba asks her name but Sharda says don’t worry everything will be fine soon. Kirti and Jaya will be waiting for you at home. Pallavi starts remembering the happy days of her with her family. Pallavi doesn’t go to her house and sleeping outside the house of Sharda and gets emotional. The show is creating an emotional track right now in their storyline which makes the audiences get emotional with its story. We will see tomorrow what happen next in the story of the show but till then enjoy the episode of “Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali” on the star plus channel at 06:30 PM and do not forget to read our other articles.


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