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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 27th May 2021 written update: Raghav Succeed?


In the new episode of the series you are going to see Pallavi and Raghav as Raghav is questioning her as he states that she always thinks about the family so is he not her family to which she replied that she is feeling pretty sleepy and tells him goodnight and then Raghav is thinking to himself that she is trying to avoid this kind of questions but he also knows that she cannot run away from the truth by doing all of this and he is thinking to himself that the truth is not going to change by acting like this.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

In the next scene, you are going to see Amruta as she is talking with the lawyer on the phone as she has been instructed by mom to call the lawyer and tell him that she is going to become by and meet him to give him the papers tomorrow morning at 9:00 am and then Amruta states that Vijay Kaka cannot be saved from the punishment that his going to get. Pallavi has woken up and she sees that Raghav is nowhere to be seen in the room then the staff has reached there and is telling Pallavi that she can now shit into the other room and also informed her that Raghav has gone to the office and Krishna is still here if she needs any kind of assistance.

In the next scene, you are going to see the lawyer as he handing over the papers to Amruta and then states that this is as Sulochana instructed him to do and then Amruta gives him the money, and then Amruta says that the time has finally come and it is time to make sure that the dream of her mom becomes a reality. Pallavi’s accounts are being shown by Krishna and then Pallavi states that this is not going to be helpful to help them with the property tax.

And then Milind is seeing asking Amruta that where has she gone to in the early morning and then Vijay enters the room and says that why is everyone shouting at each other to which Amruta replied that he is the one who is shouting not her, she went outside to get the loan papers that her mom was asking for and she states that he had to sign the paper so that they can have 5% rebate when it comes to tax-paying and Vijay is about to sign the papers and then Raghav just snatches away the paper and tells Vijay that he cannot sign these papers and then Vijay tells him that who is he to stop him from signing these papers and tells him to return his papers back to him.

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