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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 16th March 2021 Written Update: Pallavi On Raghav’s Challenge


We have back with the written update of the Star Plus serial named “Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali”. The episode starts with everyone as they gathered outside of the house for worship. Manasi is trying to call Pallavi to talk to her but her phone is going out of the coverage area. Rahul also reaches the house with his family members. Rahul’s mother gets very happy when she notices that Pallavi is not here in the Puja. She asks Sulochana is she ready to execute their plan.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Later, Pallavi reaches there but didn’t go inside the house and waits for everyone to come ground area so that she can go inside the house without being caught by someone. Nikhil comes late at the puja and sits secretly without making noise. At her room, Pallavi is finding a simple and sober saree as she is getting late for the sample. After some time, she finds a saree which is wrapped in paper and placed in her Almirah. Pallavi gets happy to hear the sound of Mansi’s wedding celebration. Pallavi recalls how she promises to Mansi that she will be with her at every function of her marriage.

She says but the time is change and she has to do this thing first for the sake of the happiness of close ones. But Pallavi watches the ritual from the room’s window and reminisces the time which she shared with Mansi. On the other hand, Mansi is also trying to call Pallavi and gets angry when she didn’t pick her calls. Raghav’s mother and sister come to meet him at the house. Raghav gets amuse to see them as he doesn’t have any idea about them. He stands up to meet them but he insults him. He gets sad to hear their words.

On the other hand, Vijay feels bad as Pallavi and Raghav are meeting with each other. Sulochana gets to know about Vijay’s feelings and thinks that she will use this against Pallavi. Pallavi goes to Raghav’s house to give a sample of saree to him but he denies meeting her. But she directly enters his house. Watch the episode of “Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali” on Star Plus at 06:30 PM. Stay tuned with us to get all the written updates related to this show.

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