Home Entertainment Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali, 15th April 2021, Written Update, Amruta Dominate Pallavi

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali, 15th April 2021, Written Update, Amruta Dominate Pallavi


In the new episode of the show, you will see Pallavi and Amrita having a conversation in which Amruta is trying to dominate Pallavi by saying that she tends to do what she feels like and tells her to be engaged with Raghav at his house spending nights.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Raghav being a jerk says to Pallavi that does he needs to keep crying for what he did t which she replies that karma will get you and you indeed will suffer for what you have done to me and my family, Sulochana bursts out in anger and says that you both will not be spared for what you both have done as she wen ton saying that we can end this drama by just killing her one in for all to which Milind slaps her and tells her to end this stupid drama, he further says that you have destroyed her daughter’s life and has been a bad influence to his as he directs her to leave the house as soon as possible because he doesn’t want her to be around his daughter anymore.

Rama asks Farhad about the reason for the happiness that is pretty evident on Raghav’s face as Raghav receives a call regarding Jaya while speaking with Harish and leaves the house immediately after that. In the next scene, Pallavi is seeing asking Milind to forgive her as people tend to make mistakes but they deserve another chance to which he replied that committing a sin and committing a mistake are two completely different things as he further says that she is going to destroy the family if she stays any longer and he won’t let that happen as he loses his cool and collapses. Vijay is telling Sulochana that you always blamed Pallavi for everything but now she is the one who is standing up for you and he further went on saying that hiding your children’s mistakes won’t do you any good and is going to spoil the relations so it’s better that you come out clean in the situation.

Raghav again hits Pallavi’s bike and offers her money to get it fixed to which Pallavi picks up a whole lot of mud and dumped it on his car offering money to him to get it cleaned.

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