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Mehndi Hai Rachne Vaali Today’s Written Update 26th April 2021: Pallavi Leaves Her House.


Grab the details of your favorite daily soap “Mehndi Hai Rachne Vaali” on 26th April 2021. The episode begins Pallavi’s dad tells her mother that “if your daughter dares to enter this house then I will going to commit suicide.” Listening to him her mother gets emotional and helpless.” He says the I will not going to let Plalavi enter here.” Then she talks to god and says “why men think that women are nothing without them.”

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Spoiler: Raghav visits the shop of Pallavi -  JustShowBiz

And later she removes her Bindi and Mangalsutra by saying that “if women have to choose among jer children ad Husband she will always choose her children. She tells her husband’s brother that if he commits or tries to attempt something wrong then take him to the hospital as I’m going to my daughter she is alone and needs me.” She leaves from there with her son Nikhil.

On the other side, Kirti tells her mom that Pallavi’s father n law through her out of the house. Kirti’s mother gets worried for Pallavi and says but how he could do this to her. Kirti says may this due to Raghav and I’m going to search for her. Later Pallavi’s mother reached to her along with Nikhil and she finds that Pallavi is sitting in her shop and she is crying. She asks her daughter why is she crying what happens.

Pallavi exclaims how she is innocent and will not go back ho,e till she proof herself right with the strong evidence. Later her mother reaches home and finds that her dad is on the floor and he is unconcius. Pallavi gets to know that her father is in hospital, everyone gets worried for him. On the other side when Raghav gets to know about this he feels regret but not ready to accept it. When Pallvis another use to hug her and cry, Solochana comes to them and taunts them that you both are responsible for Baba’s condition.

Meanwhile, Kaka use t keeps her calm but she doesn’t stop here and says Pallavi is wrong and her mother is supporting her rather than punishing her. Later Pallavi reaches her home and Mansi is ignoring her, she tries to convince Mansi that it’s not her fault all these happened due to Raghav as whatever he said is a lie. And their conversation goes on while Pallavi gets emotional and keeps on convincing Mansi. The episode ends here.

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