Home Entertainment PHOTOS: Megan Gallie Pregnant and set to marry Mgciniselo Jordan

PHOTOS: Megan Gallie Pregnant and set to marry Mgciniselo Jordan


PHOTOS: Megan Gallie Pregnant and set to marry Mgciniselo Jordan: Deloitte Deputy CEO Gcina Jordan to marry Second Wife named Meagan Gallie. Reports say that Mcginishilalo Jordan, a wealthy Deloitte Deputy CEO, is set to marry model and social media star Meagan Gallie as his second wife. She only found out about the connection after Meagan directly informed her that she was pregnant with her husband’s child. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Megan Gallie

Megan Gallie Pregnant

In 2016, Jordan met Meagan in Cape Town and has been in a solid relationship with her ever since. After moving her to Johannesburg, he reportedly bought her a mansion in Waterfall City, Midrand. Jordan is also said to have purchased an Audi A3 for Meagan after she informed him of her pregnancy. In 2021, he paid Labola and took her to the Maldives for her birthday. Jordan, who is absolutely over heels in love with Megan, has repeatedly refused to discuss the love triangle with his family. He has also remained tight-lipped about his ambitions for Melisiwe.

Megan Gallie Megan Gallie Megan Gallie

Megan Gallie Instagram

Yes, she has an official Instagram account with the name of @megangallie. She has over 48.5k followers, 1,929 followings and she posted almost about 798 posts on her Instagram. She shared her pregnancy with her huge fan following where she was getting enormous responses from his fans. Many fans congratulated her for pregnancy. She also says with excitement that these were the happiest moments in my life that I have ever experienced. Megan shared every phase of her life regarding her pregnancy either with her family, with her friends, her relatives, her husband, even with her husband’s relatives, her fans also.

Who is Megan Gallie?

Megan was a blogger, event manager, and content creator also. Most of the time, she makes the content in Lifestyle, Beauty, Travel and uploaded it on her YouTube channel. Yes, you heard it right. She also has her own YouTube Channel. Her channel name was Megan Gallie where she got 3.55k subscribers. If you want to check her YouTube Channel then you can simply tye Megan Gallie, you will get her channel. She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Megan Gallie and Mgciniselo Jordan Relationship

Talking about her relationship she is in a good relationship with her husband named Jordan. They both met in Cape Town as we mentioned earlier. Her husband bought her a mansion as a surprise for her. The mansion was located in Waterfall City, Midrand. She enjoys her life with her cute baby, a loving husband, and her wonderful parents. She literally lives her life to the fullest.

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