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Mega Millions Jackpot Winning Number Worth $515M Won By Single Ticket Sold In Pennsylvania!


There has been a topic of debate for many as there has been a ticket worth 515 million dollars that has been sold recently in Pennsylvania, this has been announced by the Mega Millions following up the Friday’s drawing in a statement given by them.

Mega Millions Jackpot Winning Number

The winning numbers for the same were 6-9-17-18-48 having the number 8 as the mega ball, this has been the highest amount that has been won in the state since it became a part of the Megamillions in the year 2010.

This has been the ninth-largest amount in the history of Mega Millions and has also been the largest amount that has been awarded in the month of May which is a fact according to the statement given by Mega Millions.

In the month of January, there has been a winning ticket which has been sold for more than 1 billion dollars which were sold in Michigan. It has been stated by Mega Millions that about 53 tickets matched the four number which made many of the people win about ten thousand dollars.

The craze of the lottery has been increasing because of the lockdown as many of the people are buying tickets as many of them have no idea about what to do with their time as many of the people are quarantined and are trying to find ways to earn money, people have been really desperate in these times of quarantine and are trying to use their time in a way that they can earn some money from here and there and this is one of the main reasons that the lottery ticket culture is booming and that is the reason that Mega Millions is able to offer this much money as in this business model, it is all about luck and people are putting up their hopes wherever they can at this point in time and it seems like that the situation has worked in the favor of any as many of the people have managed to earn a lot of money because of the lottery tickets.

It seems like that the culture is going to prospect even more as the pandemic is going to stay for a while and people are hoping that their luck is going to work out in these desperate times where many of the businesses have come to a halt because of which people are trying to earn this way so that they can survive in these desperate times.

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