A very brilliant concept’s movie is all set to entertain you, the movie named Mee Raqsam has ready and on its way to release this week on its OTT platform, Zee5. For all the movie lovers who are fond of something inspirational, here’s what you have, Mee Raqsam. The movie is all about how to chase your dreams, no matter what! It’s about the bond that a father and a daughter share, and top of all, how his father is supporting her daughter to transform a normal girl who is keen to achieve her dream and finally lead her life to an amazing dancer.

Mee Raqsam

In this story, you will see how a girl and her father fight against their community who not let the girl dance, it’s all about the rise and down comes in their life a girl who loves Bharatnatyam and how her father walks and runs towards the dream of his girl. In this, you will see Nasruddeen shah in the lead role and along with him, you will see Shradha Kaul and Danish Husain. How the community brings circumstances to not let her dance because they think that Islam won’t allow her to dance. The Movie is produced by Baba Azmi.

In a conference, Baba said that it is totally dedicated to his father and this is how it all had started how he made a movie to dedicate his father. In this movie, there are two stories one of a boy showing love for his father, and the story is based on a struggle of a father to his daughter.

Baba Azmi said that it is a poetry to his father and writer Kaifi Azmi, his father said that will he like to make such kinda concepts, hence he just made it so we can say that it is not just a movie it is a power pack of feelings and emotions. The movie is about to release on ZEE5 so be ready to feel the emotions and the fight of a father to her daughter to make her dreams true. Stay tuned with us for further updates.


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