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McVitie’s Factory Closure: Feels Like Stab In The Back


It has been stated by Lanarkshire workers that they feel as if they have been stabbed in the back which has been felt by the employees after the news of the proposed closure of one of the factories of McVities in Glasgow, the snack firm naming Pladis has announced earlier in the month that they are intending to close the Tollcross site which is pretty historic and this is going to be the cause of 472 jobs getting vanished in thin air.

McVitie's Factory Closure

McVitie’s Factory Closure

There has been a petition that has been seen by 76000 people as of yet in the support of the workers as they will be jobless because of this and it seems like that the company needs to do something about it as it is not at all fair to the employees that their jobs are getting tarnished in such manner.

This has also been the cause of 50 million dollar loss to the Scottish economy which has been revealed through proper analysis, the total financial impact because of the closure and this has come out to be 49 million for a year, 26.8 million is directed towards the factory which is going to be for annually and 6.2 million dollars were generated through the supply chain which is directed towards the contracts for the packaging and the left out 16 million is going to be a loss in cash which is directly linking to the spending which is being done by the employees on the site.

It has been stated by the experts that this is going to affect them nationally and locally and the unions are going to describe the closure as an “economic time bomb” and it seems like re talks have been planned to make the company rethink the decision that they are taking and it seems like that the country is going to try to make the company realize that this is going to be devastating for the national economy and would try to offer them something in order to make them have second thoughts about their decision.

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