A piece of news is coming into the headlines nowadays that is related to a woman who has arrested for attacking the workers of Mcdonald’s in Ravenna, Ohio. On June 14, a 3 minutes video went viral on social media in which a woman got captured attacking workers of the restaurant. Yes, you read it right that a video went viral on the internet in which a woman attacked workers at Mcdonald’s Ravenna, Ohio. The video is uploaded by Brian Allen, he captioned the video, “Craziness is out in full force, just saw this at Ravenna McDonald’s.” In this article, our viewers will come to know the whole matter.

McDonalds Ravenna Ohio Fight

McDonalds Ravenna Ohio Fight Reddit Video

According to the reports, the incident took place around 09:45 AM. As per the news station, Ravenna Police revealed that they were sent to a fast-food restaurant at 418 West Main Street to report the attack. As per the court documents, the officers reported Cleveland who is 44 years old, had been raising her hands-on restaurant staff. The reason behind her this action is that she was disappointed with the McDonald’s workers when they stopped her to mix three slushy flavors in a single cup. She revealed to the police that when the staff members didn’t allow her to mix the drink, she lost her control and started attacking them.

The cops said that they have arrested her and take her out of the restaurant. The police also revealed that the woman went to the backside of McDonald’s counter and tried to make a slushy drink herself. In the video, we have seen that the woman is attacking the workers when they tried to stop, she even punched one of the workers. She is also using abusive language in the video. She used many inappropriate words. The video has been uploaded on a Facebook site that has got 2.2 million views to the video.

As per the reports of Fox8, the two staff members have got minor injuries. As we told you before that the video was uploaded by Allen who said to WOIO, “I was concerned that she may start hurting somebody. So, I started recording in case law enforcement needed the tape for any kind of evidence of the assault.” Now, the lady is arrested by Ravenna Police. To know more details about the case, stay connected with us for more updates.


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