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Is Mbijiwe Mwenda found dead or alive? death hoax explained


Is Mbijiwe Mwenda found dead or alive? death hoax explained: As per the latest report, Mwenda Mbijiwe was stated to have been found demised. On Tuesday, 19th October, ODM leader Raila Odinga talked on the video of missing government analyst Mwenda Mbijiwe, which has brought about some Kenyans being confused. In an interview with Meru County’s Weru TV, Odinga said that he was asked to create a statement concerning the missing of Mbijiwe. Let’s get to know more about this case and what happened with Mwenda Mbijiwe. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Mbijiwe Mwenda

Is Mbijiwe Mwenda found dead or alive?

Mwenda Mbijiwe disappeared sans a trace on Saturday, 12th June. This challenge pop up to have been misinterpreted by Odinga. He mentioned Cupboard Minister Gilbert M’Mbijiwe Kabere, who died in the year 2017. His accusation perplexes the watchers, and the majority believe Mwenda, who he asserted had been disappearing for 6 months, has surrendered.

TV analysts were going to Meilu County to watch sick relatives prior to their kidnapping. Mbijiwe had borrowed a motor vehicle from local businessman Edward Mwangi, who tried to reach him on his kidnapping but was not able. Mwangi stated that he followed the car to Kasarani on the 18th of June using the monitoring mechanism of the vehicle.

In the meantime, authorities are investigating the missing of security consultant Mwenda Mbijiwe, who was last watched in Tatu City, Kiambu County, after a vehicle he hired was discovered vandalized at a coffee farm. Mbijiwe went disappearing, and his sister appealed to the public for any important information that could direct to his location.

Who is Mwenda Mbijiwe?

Mwenda Mbijiwe, an ex Kenya Air Force commander and security and counter-terrorism expert, has been gone for around a month after going missing on the 12th of June, 2021. Mr. Mbijiwe is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Eye on Security, a consultant, and a security expert.

What Happened To Mwenda Mbijiwe?

Tamara Mbijiwe asserts that the mobile phone of her brother is switched off, and even his automobile is untraceable. His phone signal was last detected to Thika, Kiambu County, where the former KDF Commander went disappearing on Saturday, 12th of June. Mwenda had trained a Nairobi-based church on basic security tactics early Saturday and was planned to reach our Meru remote house that evening.

After failing to locate Mbijiwe, the family lodged a report of a missing person at Nairobi’s Central Police Station two days later. The DCI, as per Tamara, had initiated an investigation into the missing of a former KDF commander who was on his way to Meru to watch his mother when he went missing.

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