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Maxime Bernier Calgary: ‘Freedom Rally’ Attended By More Than 1,000


Maxime Bernier Calgary: ‘Freedom Rally’ Attended By More Than 1,000: There has been a people’s party of the Canada leader naming Maxime Bernier who made a late election stop at Calgary on Saturday where he was speaking at the rally, there were more than 1000 attendees, many of them were carrying anti-mask and anti-vaccine signs. The event which happened at Central Memorial Park in Calgary’s Beltline comes only days after Alberta has declared a state of public health emergency when it comes to the fourth wave of Covid-19 which has threatened to overwhelm the province at the ICUs.

Maxime Bernier Calgary

Maxime Bernier Calgary

Though it has been stated by the MC in an event, it is non-political, both of the former Conservative MP Derek Solan who attended the event and he even gave stumped speeches having two days left before the Canadians are going to be all set to vote in the federal election. He stated there is a real freedom revolution in the country because we all know when tyranny becomes law then revolution becomes our duty using the phrase of the far-right militia group naming Three Percenters. After the election, this is going to be a new beginning, it is not going to be the end, he further stated he is always going to be on the streets to protest and fight for the freedom of the citizens who make this beautiful country beautiful.

It has been found out by the Leger poll, there is six percent of decided voters who are across Canada and they intend to cast their ballot for the PPC, the number is the same for decided Alberta voters. The party is running 33 candidates in 34 federal ridings, the only riding which is without a PPC candidate is Calgary Center where the Saturday rally is held.

Sloan is now running as the independent when it comes to the riding of Banff Airdrie, he has also criticized the vaccine passports and has suggested Alberta should address its ICU capacity crunch which is going to be done through alternative therapies. Earlier in the event, there was a woman who has identified herself as a nurse who has recommended treating the patients with ivermectin which is a horse-dewormer drug that has not been used against the virus.

It has been stated by Calgary police that the event appeared to go off without the incident and there is also a spokesperson who stated they are not aware of any kind of arrest which has been made.

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