Home Entertainment Matt Bakers Mums Accident: What happened to Matt Baker’s mum Janice?

Matt Bakers Mums Accident: What happened to Matt Baker’s mum Janice?


Matt Bakers Mums Accident: What happened to Matt Baker’s mum Janice?: Matt Baker’s Our farm in the Dalesreturn tonight for the audiences for the new season tonight on 18th October and the fans are looking forward to seeing more of his family, and the real question is, what has happened to his mum naming Janice? Matt Bakers has returned to More4 with a news series of our Farm In the Dales. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Matt Bakers Mums Accident

Matt Bakers Mums Accident

The whole is going to be taking part in the series for the second season, the family is going to be preparing for lambing and they are going to turn to one of their friends to make a precarious bank which happened behind the farmhouse which was more stable. The presenter has moved back to the Dales in order to support his parents which includes her mother Janice after she had a horrific accident.

Matt Bakers Mums Accident

What happened to Matt Baker’s mum Janice?

Matt Baker has been known for the longest time for being a presenter on The One Show, but he did announce his departure back in the month of December in the year 2019, he at the time left the talk show and he rushed back to his family farm so he could care for his parents who were recently involved in an accident.

Matt Bakers Mums Accident

His father called him to say that Janice has been injured in the sheep pen and Matt didn’t hesitate from moving his family back home, Janice was requiring knee replacement surgery after she got injured because of a sheep. She stated at the time, she was sorting through the lambs and the ewes were ready for clipping and one of the big ewes stood over her foot and she was grounded.

Matt Bakers Mums Accident

When she first returned to the farm after she came back from the incident, she found herself getting pretty emotional, in order for her to still be able to work as a shepherdess, Matt has made some enormous changes. He bought a smaller flock of sheep which was easier for her to handle and he further made some adjustments to make the farm a little less chaotic.

She became pretty emotional at the time when she saw the flock of sheep leaving as she was used to them but she stated that it was the right decision at the time in order to keep herself safe from such an incident ever to occur again. The fans have been pretty supportive of the situation and the team has even thanked the fans for loving what they are doing.

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