Master Chef Young Guns Winner Name: Hell’s Kitchen is the most popular American television show which has been crossed its 19 seasons and now it is at its season 20. This season has been gone so well and all the previous participants of the season have also done well. Well, it is at its finale and there are only a few hours left in this. Well, there are only three contestants left to win a game. The contestants including Megan Gill, Kiya Willhelm, and Trenton Garvey.

Master Chef Young Guns Winner Name

Master Chef Young Guns Winner Name

They will be granted a task in this they have to cook a five-course meal in the limited time in front of the live audience. But before this, they will go to take a helicopter ride in Las Vegas.  The show is highly appreciated by the audience and all the cooking lovers is to follow the show. They even use to miss any episode of it. We will also go to see two finalists will going to compete with the former participants. It will gig to be super amusing to see them competing with each other at the finale episode.

In the entire season, the participants were faced numerous tasks that were challenging for them to be performed and win the best dish stage. Well, they were seen under a pressure in the entire season. Hence the three finalists proved themselves and now they are at they are so close to their dream of grabbing a trophy at their hand. Well, the winner of Hell’s Kitchen 20m will going to have become a head chef at Gordon Ramsay steakhouse which is at Paris Hotel In Las Vegas.

In the competition, only three participants are left Megan Gill, Kiya Willhelm, and Trenton Garvey. They will be seen celebrating their happiness. Then they get a task and other chefs were seen helping them out in performing a task well. Later they get a surprise and I which tey to a chance to meet their parents and loved ones on the show. Then they went on the helicopter ride and they. were seen enjoying a lot during a ride.

Well after this they were seen performing the challenges one on one, so that they can prove themselves. And the curiosity level of the finalist are high and they are waiting to hold a trophy in their hands. Later we will also saw that one of the participants has been proposed to his girlfriend, it was Trenton who proposed to his girlfriend


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