Home News Massive Internet Outages Services In Canada And Around The World

Massive Internet Outages Services In Canada And Around The World


There has been a massive outrage as the internet has been disrupted in Canada and many other places in the world, it seems like that there have been thousands of digital services and websites that were unavailable all over the globe which happened on Thursday and the cause of this was the computing company Akamai which experienced a problem in the cloud which is known as a “service incident” in technical terms.

Internet Outages Canada

Internet Outages Canada

It is a company that is based in Massachusetts that exists to work behind the scenes to keep many of the portions of the internet up and running and it has stated on its official website that they are aware that there is some issue which is emerging with the DNS service of Edge, DNS is a technical term that stands for Domain Name System and this is the language of computers in Layman’s terms as this is how the IP addresses get translated in words for humans to read.

DNS Service Protects Against Attacks

Basically, DNS is the system that makes the system up and running to work when the servers are being tried to be tormented with third parties as they try to overwhelm the servers by sending huge floods of traffic to the sites at once, the DNS of Akamai is the reason that these attacks are stopped which is being stated as Distributed Denial Of Service Attacks.

They act as a shield as the steps happen when we visit a site and when we use a site, the DNS servers keep in check that there is no unnecessary traffic on the sites which can be the cause of the sites to crash and hang significantly and further it has been stated by the Director of Watchdog Open Media that if DNS is going to face some issue then all of the sites are to suffer following the issue in DNS.

Some Sites Still Down

There are some sites that are still not working even though the issue has been fixed as it has been stated by the company in their official statement that they have given on their official Twitter handle but it seems like that there are still thousands of sites of many of the companies that are still not working and it is resulting in the loss for many of the companies that are earning through internet.

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