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Maserati Accident: 3 People Injured On New Year’s Day After Accident Involving Maserati In Orchard Road


Maserati Accident: 3 People Injured On New Year’s Day After Accident Involving Maserati In Orchard Road: On the day of New Year, many Singaporeans might have been out and about town meeting friends and families. Though even while commemorating the new year, we should still be alert, especially when we are on the road. A piece of horrible news came from Singapore where three people lost their lives. As per the reports, 3 people were wounded on New Year’s Day after a black Maserati was stated to have rammed into pedestrians who were about to cross the road at a junction of traffic lights. This incident has happened on Orchard Road. After this horrible incident, all three victims were immediately taken to Singapore General Hospital. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Maserati Accident

Maserati Accident

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) stated it was alerted to a road traffic accident at the junction of Grange Road and Orchard Road at 09:35 PM on Saturday, 1st January 2022. The location was the busy intersection of Orchard Road and Grange Road, which watches several pedestrians crossing between The Heeren and Mandarin Hotel. Knowing to a large number of pedestrians there, many would-be injured or hurt if a vehicle plowed into them.

Maserati Accident: Woman Watched Lying On The Road

So it proved on Saturday when the Maserati was suspected to have a collide crowd about the cross the road. Pupil Yang Yuxuan (22-years-old) stated she was passing by when she watched a lady who looked to be in her 20s lying in the middle of the road, as reported by Lianhe Zaobao. Due to a suspected spine wound, she remained motionless until SCDF personnel reached out there and carried her to an ambulance on a stretcher. Ms. Yang stated the man driving the Maserati appeared to be in his 30s and was accompanied by a lady and a boy.

Maserati Accident: Two other Wounded

Another lady was also wounded and immediately taken to the hospital in an ambulance as stated by Ms. Yang. There was also a male cyclist who looked to have a red and swollen leg. An ice pack was applied to his leg at the scene. All three of the wounded were sent to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

Maserati Accident: Lanes Blocked, Half N Hour Jam

The horrible accident caused 2 lanes of Orchard Road to be blocked off, with the traffic jam lasting about 30 minutes. The SCDF stated they were called at 09:35 PM. Video footage from SG Road Vigilante viewed the aftermath, where the Maserati, cops, and ambulances caused only the bus lane and 2nd lane from the left to be passable. Around 09:45 PM, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) sent out a tweet informing the travelers and road users about the horrible accident.

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