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Who is Maryna Mazur, Ukrainian student abandons studies in Germany – Age, Instagram, and, more!


Who is Maryna Mazur, a Ukrainian student who abandons studies in Germany – Age, Instagram, and, more!: A piece of news is coming into the headlines straight from Ukraine. As we all know about the situation of Ukraine, the Ukrainians are facing a difficult time since Russia has started the war. Every day, numerous heartwrenching news is making the headlines. The people from other countries are also demanding to stop the war. During all this, another news has come out that the Ukrainian students decide to abandon studies to help to save their homeland. Yes, a 22 years college female student has decided to left studies to kill as many Russians as possible to save her homeland. In this article, you will get the detailed information regarding this matter. So, keep reading this article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Maryna Mazur

Who is Maryna Mazur?

As per the exclusive reports, a 22 years-old Ukrainian national named Maryna Mazur who was studying business in Germany has left her studies and decided to “kill as many Russians as possible” to help to save her homeland. Maryna Mazur reached Ukraine on 03 March, Thursday after traveling from Berlin to a polish border. She gave an interview on a news channel with the host Eric Bolling on 04 March 2022, Friday, in which she said that she wants to join the fight, “Nothing matters now apart from the family staying alive… and to kill as many Russians as I can.”

Maryna Mazur: Age and Instagram

She added that she is normally a peaceful person who doesn’t want anyone to get killed but now she has no feelings for those people who come to their country and kill their children. She said that she knows that it is going to be tough to kill someone but she is ready to do so. 22 years old Maryna Mazur left Western Europe along with her mother, she said that returning home to take up arms was not a tough decision for her as she was raised in a family that is quite patriotic.

She said that she was not able to stay safe in her apartment in Germany and drink coffee, go to classes when she knows what is ongoing in her homeland. She said, “Who would I be if I just stayed in safety? That would be impossible for me. My family and friends are all in Ukraine.” Instead of staying safe in Germany, she decided to come back and be with her homeland people and died with them as well. In the end, she added, “I am willing to give my life to save others. I will give up my body and soul for freedom. I want to save as many Ukrainian lives as I can.”  Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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