Home News Mary Sue Coleman Drunk Allegations Ever Proved? Husband and Net Worth Explained

Mary Sue Coleman Drunk Allegations Ever Proved? Husband and Net Worth Explained


Mary Sue Coleman Drunk Allegations Ever Proved? Husband and Net Worth Explained: Mary Sue Coleman, an American Chemist is facing backlash after she was reported drunk during her speech. She is also the interim president of the University of Michigan. Previously, she served as the President of the Association of American Universities (AAU) from 2016 – 2020. She was the 13th President of the University of Michigan and the 18th President of the University of Iowa. She formerly served as Professor of Biological Chemistry in the University of Michigan Medical School and also in the position of Professor of Chemistry in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Mary Sue Coleman Drunk Allegations

Mary Sue Coleman Drunk Allegations Ever Proved?

The Mary Sue Coleman University of Michigan has reported being drunk during her speech at the Halftime speech this weekend. Currently, there was a video posted on YouTube but immediately got deleted for some reason. People immediately identify her when they saw the first impression of the video and they say after watching the video that she had not been drinking alcohol before making any remarks at halftime of a football game.


They blamed the audio equipment for the distortion caused. Furthermore, it was claimed that she planned to retire in July and that the school planned to commemorate her, but it appears that the sound system caused the event to go horribly wrong. Meanwhile, Brandon, the school’s athletic director, appears to have exonerated the president of the claims. According to daily mail, he revealed that they were together at various college functions throughout the day.

Is Mary Sue married or not?

Mary Sue Coleman is married to her husband named Kenneth M Coleman aka Ken. He achieves the position of Director of Partner Programs at AAU. Now he became a political scientist specializing in Latin America. In 2014, he served as the Country Director for Nicaragua. He was chair of political science and director of Latin American Studies at the University of Kentucky, as well as professor of political science at the Universities of Kentucky, New Mexico, and North Carolina Chapel Hill. Further, they are parents to a son named Jonathan who currently resides in Denver his wife Aimee, and two children Emerson and Quincy.

Mary Sue Coleman Net Worth

Mary Sue Coleman’s Net worth is estimated at around $500,000. Although, she is the president of the University of Michigan. Her earnings and salary have not yet been disclosed to the media. It is estimated that most of the revenue comes from his profession.

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