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Mary Jane Masterchef Legends: Why Masterchef Legends Contestant Mary Jane Drops Out of Show Mid-Season? Explained!


The Masterchef Legends is going on and it seems like that the level of the show has increased to another level as the best of best are battling it out to become the ultimate chef and it has to be said that season 11 is highly competitive and there is no denying the fact that whosoever is going to win the show is going to be one titled as one of the most amazing chefs in the world.

Mary Jane Masterchef Legends

Mary Jane Masterchef Legends

One of the contestants that have managed to earn the apron is Mary Jayne who is 59 years of age and it seems like that she has left the spotlight and has left the judges hanging who had pretty high hopes for the contestant as she was one of the most amazing cooks that they have come across as she killed in the auditions with the delicious pie that she made and after seeing her performance everyone was rooting for her to be one the most amazing chefs in the show and people were rooting for her to go ahead in the competition.

Masterchef Legends Contestant Mary Jane Drops Out Reason 

The announcement happened in episode 6 when Gordon announced that one of the most amazing chefs Mary Jayne will not be competing in the competition anymore as he has stated that she has gotten sick and that is why she has pulled off from the competition and he further stated that the good news is that she is going to be fine pretty soon as she is going to be recovering, the reason of her illness hasn’t been revealed by Gordon at the time.

Fans are pretty disappointed after hearing the news, it has been tweeted by a fan that we are worried about Mary Jayne as the fan further stated that they are glad that she is fine as was stated by Gordon and she further stated that she had to leave the show so that means that something was moderately serious about the whole situation, fans have been stating that they wish her all the health and it is being stated by the fans that she was one of the best in the competition and her leaving the show like this is such a big disappointment for the fans, for the show and also for the contestants.

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