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Marvel WandaVision Post-Credits Scene: Explained!


It seems like that the marvel fans are going crazy about the post-credit scene that has been shown in the Disney plus series naming Wanda Vision and it is being speculated that the show has might have added doctor strange to this venture if the franchise an in the post-credit scene, the vibes were totally off a doctor strange movie and it seems like that the speculations could be true.

Wandavision Post-Credits Scene

Wandavision Post-Credits Scene

People have been waiting for the next episode of Loki and the fans have also been waiting for the next venture of Marvel Universe and it seems like marvel heads are pretty much interested in discussing the possibilities of the upcoming ventures of the franchise and the new buzz have been created about the post-credit scene and it seems like that Reddit and Twitter have been making this post scene trend to the fullest as the fans are speculating that the blurred object in the post-credit scene is doctor strange.

Let us discuss the possible outcomes which are being speculated on the internet, the post-credit scene comes after the ninth episode of Wanda Vision as Wanda goes to hide somewhere as she is holding one of the cabins in the dark hole which is a magic textbook, it has become a spot-the-difference game at this point in time and people are pointing out and everything that they are seeing, it seems like that the trees look healthier in the second picture as the scene is on Youtube it is being seen that there are pretty fewer trees in the video and there is a blurred out object which is the most important change for the fans as they are calling it out to be Doctor Strange.

Marvel earlier planned that they are going to include doctor strange in the series but they didn’t do it as the marvel chief Kevin Feige stated they later decided to pull out doctor strange from the Wanda Vision as it would have taken away the eyes off the show Wanda, it seems like that these speculations are not going to end and the fans will have to wait for the new venture to know about the upcoming possibilities that Marvel’s multiverse is going to present to the audiences.

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