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Mark Nye Look Alike Conor McGregor Sell Drug Under UFC Champion Name With Fake Business Card


Mc Gregor’s lookalike and also a drug dealer, Mark Nye has been put behind bars for a time period of three years as he was using the former UFC champion’s name to help his bad deeds of selling drugs, he has an age of 34 years, he has been pulled by the authorities in Stanwell two months ago as they found out many of his cards in which it was mentioned that he is indeed Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor Lookalike Goes Viral And It's Blowing Everyone's Mind -  SPORTbible

It has been stated in the reports that the guy was arrested by the police after they found out that he is trying to get rid of two of his mobile phones and also they found out many class A drugs which made a strong case against the culprit and now he has been put behind bars and will now be staying there for over 3 years.

Officers claim that when they asked him about him and his name, he in a very cocky way replied that he is Conor and was found hundreds of fake business cards in which it ws mentioned that he is indeed Conor McGregor and also the McGregor enterprise was written on most of the cards, the police also claims that they have the bottles of boric acid from Nye which many of the dealers use as a cutting agent to crack a deal with people.

He has not only been accused of selling A class drugs but also he has been accused of impersonating someone else which is a very big law breaking practice for which a person can get very strict punishment which has happened in his case.

Investigating officer has also given a statement that because of the our proactive drug teams, they are successful to take off another drug dealer off the streets and have prevented another dealer from harming people who become victims to these drugs.

Even when you talk about McGregor, he has also had his fair share of law breaking events and has been affected hugely by the law enforcements as he has already broken a bus with throwing chairs and whatnot on a bus which had people in it, the event took place in 2019 as his opponent and his team were travelling in the bus and some of the people in the bus were injured because of the shattered glass and he had many court hearings for the same.

It seems like the drug scene is really affecting many countries and needs to be controlled as people have been doing it for years and the only reason that they get the guts to do such a thing is because they do not get caught easily because of which they get the motivation to make easy money by doing illegal things and making people’s lives miserable by exposing them to drugs because of which many people lose their lives every year.

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