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Who is Marion Barter Inquest? Age, Instagram, and, more!


Who is Marion Barter Inquest? Age, Instagram, and, more!: The missing of your loved ones is a piece of heartbreaking news for anyone. As per the latest report, the former wife of an ex-soccer great is missing. The mother of 2 was watched at a bank withdrawing her remaining funds, informing staff she did not want her whereabouts revealed after she allegedly disappeared in suspicious circumstances, a probe has been told. Gold Coast lady Marion Barter, the former wife of Australian soccer great Johnny Warren, was last watched by her family in the month of June 1997, days prior to she flew overseas for what was meant to be a year-long holiday in Europe and the United Kingdom. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Marion Barter Inquest

Who is Marion Barter Inquest?

Although postcards were sent by the 51-year-old to her family back home, they stopped coming, and in the month of August 1997, Florabella Natalia Marion Remakel flew into the country of Australia. Probes later disclosed Marion Barter changed her name to Florabella Natalia Marion Remakel in the month of May 1997, step down from her job as a school teacher, and also sold her house before she went overseas.

Investigation previously concluded Marion purposefully went disappearing and wanted to begin a new life. An inquest into what occurred to Marion and the police probe began in the NSW Coroners Court in the year 2021. The inquest once again resumed on Tuesday, with ex Queensland Police missing person bureau senior constable Paula McKenzie giving proof.

Ms. McKenzie was the investigating officer tasked who watching into the case of Marion when a report was got by the Salvation Army’s family tracing unit. She informed the inquest she believed Marion was alive and doing well after making inquiries in the month of November 1997 with a female bank officer from the Colonial Bank. Ms McKenzie stated “It was a female who suggested to me that Marian was alive and well and it was her that was in their bank. She suggested to me that Marion had been in the bank to withdraw the rest of her money.

“She could not reveal her whereabouts to me. I can recall her informing me this was surely Marion in the bank and she surely did not want her whereabouts revealed.”

Marion Barter Inquest

Ms. McKenzie stated she could not remember what branch Marion had allegedly visited, though the inquest was previously informed by another witness the branch was in Ashmore on the Gold Coast. No, I have not unremembered that conversation. The teller was just so insistent that it was surely her.”

Marion Barter Inquest

Ms. McKenzie asserted that she took no steps to verify the information the bank officer informed her.

Marion Barter Inquest Marion Barter Inquest

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