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Who Is Marianna Podgurskaya, Pregnant Ukrainian influencer abused online – Age, Instagram, and, more!


Who Is Marianna Podgurskaya, Pregnant Ukrainian influencer abused online – Age, Instagram, and, more!: People have taken over the social media platforms to know who is Marianna Podgurskaya why she is gaining everyone’s eyeball. Currently, Marianna Podgurskaya is the trending subject of the internet as her name is being searched on Google on a large scale. She has become the topic of discussion just because of her pictures in which she is displaying her elongated womb. But now rumors are claiming that she made a fake photoshoot to show her pregnancy in a maternity hospital. According to the reports, the hospital which is located in Mariupol was invaded by the Russian missile. Now people are scrounging web pages for her personal details, by reading down this article till the last you will get to know about her social media handle and other personal details. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Marianna Podgurskaya Instagram

Who Is Marianna Podgurskaya?

According to the information, Marianna Podgurskaya is a social media influence, beauty blogger, and fashion model from Ukraine. And she is making headlines in news channels as she is accused of sharing fake pregnancy photos on social media. Since she has become the trending subject of social media, social media has been split into two parts, one side is hitting hard on this matter and asking several questions for fake news while the other side is taking hard on Russia as they are accusing her of making fake injury in hospital.

Marianna Podgurskaya Instagram

As we have mentioned above she is an influencer who often shares posts of beauty products and also shares beauty tips on her account. She lures her followers on the platform with her vast knowledge of beauty products. Marianna is doing a great job on social media to gain popularity and continuously endeavoring to increase the reach of her account. Users can search her IG account with the username @gixie_beauty and over 39K users have clicked on the follow button of her IG profile thanks to her fashion and beauty vlogs.

Marianna Podgurskaya Instagram

Marianna Podgurskaya is a young girl who is just 26 years of age and she tied the knot with her husband Yuri. On Valentine’s day, she shared a picture of her loving husband on IG. People are calling Russia shameless since Russia accused her of fake injury on hospital invasion. According to Russia. her images are of a photoshoot that is captured from various angles. Russia also tweeted about her that “Pregnant woman is a crisis actor” which was later removed by officials of Twitter.

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