Home News Marcus Cooper Jr Arrested: Miramar Teen Named Suspect In Davie Murder

Marcus Cooper Jr Arrested: Miramar Teen Named Suspect In Davie Murder


Marcus Cooper Jr Arrested: Marcus Cooper is making the news headlines as he has been arrested for attempting misconduct. He is 17 years old and inside the jail due to his attempt to murder. He has been alleged with the murder charges. It is unbelievable that he can do something like this at this age. Cooper is a well-known face on social media platforms and his followers are also shocked to see him in such charges. They are taking over the web and also like to know about the complete case. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Marcus Cooper Jr Arrested

Marcus Cooper Jr Arrested

The judges of Broward County have been issued an arrest warrant to the investigators on November 1 after which these guys were get indulged in it and finally grabbed all the details, how he attempted a murder. So Cooper was inside his car with a boy named Arthus. Both of them were driven to east l-595 around 1:30 am and it is near Hiatus Road. So as per the sources, Cooper ordered Arthur to come out from the car and after this, he has been shot at him any times. And then he left his body on the highway. The body of Arthur’s was later discovered by the paramedics of Davie Fire Rescue. And he was declared dead at some time by the paramedics.

Marcus Cooper Jr Arrested

Marcus is 17 years old and from Miramar. He had been murdered by 24-year-old Arthus and the next morning he was found at Interstate 595 which is near Hiatus Road. So he was in the same car along with a suspect at one time but then he has shot the same person and multiple times. He is the son of the well-known R$B singer Pleasure P. While he was performing at the concert his son was attempting a murder. This news renumbered her life of him and his career is at the riskiest point. It will be going to be so difficult for him to be gain some respect from his fans ever again.

He is under the arrest now and the investigation is still going on. Let us also inform you that Marcus is also the blessed father of a baby boy and the and of his son is Amir Marcus Cooper. But there isn’t any other information on the same. You may also find him on Instagram @yrkcheck. He has followers in million and his feed is consists of his pictures with his family and friends.

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