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Marcelo Fernan Bridge Accident: 1 Dead After Being Run Over By Dump Truck


Marcelo Fernan Bridge Accident: A most horrible accident took place and it is creating the news headlines. The accidents are rising day after day. The reason behind these accidents is so clear which includes, high speed, drunk drive, and uncertain road damages. The government must take some serious steps against this. So that they can save the life of their citizens. The incident was so disheartening and it is making the news headlines these days. Read the article below for further details. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Marcelo Fernan Bridge Accident

Marcelo Fernan Bridge Accident

A motorcyclist has been lost his life in an accident while he was traveling to his destination. A 52-year-old man was o his bike and he was run over by a dump truck while he was at the Marcelo Fernan Bridge which is in barangay Umapad. The incident was so terrible and it looks so disheartening.

It took place almost around 1:35 pm on Saturday, 6th October 2021. He lost his life on the spot. While the incident took place the other travelers on the same spot were used to call the police. And then the emergency services took his body to the hospital. He was badly injured and his injuries were so server that he lost his life on the spot.

The name of that man is Malingin and he lost his life while he was run over by a dump truck loaded with sand. The truck driver is 49 years old and his name is Aldwin Hermosilla. He is a resident of Carcar City. He is under the arrest of the Mandaue City Police. He is also guilty as it was not his fault completely.

Whares the officials stated that “A man who was on the bike jas been lost his life while he was run over by a dump truck loaded with sand. He was found with several severe injuries. We are still investigating it and will go to update you with the complete investigation reports soon.”

this incident make the nearby residents stunned and shocked. They are in a panic as this is so disheartening.

The family of the victim has been informed at the same time and they reached over the spot. They are also asking for the arrest of suspects and demanding justice for their loved ones. So police officials took this seriously and the suspect is under the arrest now.

Stay tuned to us for more updates on it.

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