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Is Manmohan Singh Dead or Alive? Member of Rajya Sabha Death Hoax Debunked


Is Manmohan Singh Dead or Alive? Member of Rajya Sabha Death Hoax Debunked: No, it was not true that Manmohan Singh has died. Rather he is alive. We don’t why people are spreading the fake news of Singh’s death. This news has become widely spread on the internet and people start giving tribute to him. Regarding this, a well-known personality named Bumba Mukherjee came out on the internet and specifically says that. Do not believe any false news so far no such news has come that Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji passed away. Nowadays every news is false and it is difficult to believe which news channel we should trust. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Manmohan Singh

Is Manmohan Singh Dead or Alive?

Manmohan Singh is an Indian economist, professor, and politician. He was the first Sikh to become the 13th Prime Minister between 2004 to 2014. He is the third longest-serving prime minister in Indian history, following Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. He is a Rajya Sabha Member who represents Rajasthan in Parliament.

Manmohan Singh’s Death Hoax Debunked

On October 13, the 89-year-old politician and the two-time prime minister were brought to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences which we popularly called AIIMS located in New Delhi for the treatment of mild fever. Singh was facing it for so many days but didn’t get the exact treatment. On October 31, he was released from the hospital when he was fully recovered.

When he was in the hospital, the media was spreading the news that he was in the last stages of his life and he could die at any time. Although many people claimed that he was suffering from a rare type of disease. But no one knew exactly about it. When he fully recovered, he announced it to the online world. I am completely cured of that fever and people who were claiming various diseases on me are totally wrong. Now I am back to my work.

Who Is Manmohan Singh?

On September 26, 1932, Singh was born in Gah, West Punjab now in Pakistan. He came to India in 1947 after the split. Singh studied at Punjab University, Chandigarh, and Cambridge University, UK. Later he obtained the degree of Ph.D. in Economics from Oxford University. He worked for the United Nations from 1966 to 1969 where he gained many experiences. Now he is 89 years old and still has the energy to do work longer. He was appointed to various positions as an economic adviser to the Indian government and also worked in the RBI as a director from 1976 to 1980.

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