Home Entertainment Who Is Mandana Karimi’s ex-Husband Gaurav Gupta? Age, Instagram, and, more!

Who Is Mandana Karimi’s ex-Husband Gaurav Gupta? Age, Instagram, and, more!


Who Is Mandana Karimi’s ex-Husband Gaurav Gupta? Age, Instagram, and, more!: Lock Upp Day 36, is the highly renowned or most popular show stop this show is unique as compared to other reality TV shows, and this keeps the audience engaged to it just because of its most entertaining content of the format. So here in this article, we are gonna be with another episode of the show as Aana Kareem has talked about her husband’s mere past marriage. Without any delay let’s get into the written update of the episode. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

mandana karimi husband gaurav gupta

Who Is Mandana Karimi’s ex-Husband Gaurav Gupta?

Mandana Karimi has come forward and she talked about her marriage and the behave of her husband used to be live with him. Jeera as the host of the show Kangana Ranaut is also winning the heart of the audience as she is so straightforward on the show.

Here is what Mandana said about her husband, ” a note while I was at the age of 27 this both what dated Each Other almost for the two and a half year and then we decided to get married. We were engaged and letter on the plan for our marriage. And the writer in the year 2021 they were separated and there was each other where was the most important part of a marriage is that my husband went to sleep with whoever I knew.”

As letter as much as on her, “including your friends also?” Simon dance step that I don’t have any friends and if you think that why didn’t he divorce we ordered them there is a secret and still kept inside me and no knew it yet.

Mandana Karimi’s ex-Husband Gaurav Gupta

There she has been also saying that ” I am a note with his mother used to send me flowers and doughnuts. We used to go for coffee shopping parties and a lot more things we did together and we were so happy while we are in marriage. Whenever I used to go out I used to be called up his mother and we both go everywhere with each other.”

“but one day I noticed a changing scene after I got engaged or married to him and her mother used to be even including him also told me to wear only salwar kameez and Shiv god every single time. So many restrictions from them their site for me which was a torturing.”

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