Home World Manchester City Player Footballer Benjamin Mendy Arrested charged with rape: Reddit

Manchester City Player Footballer Benjamin Mendy Arrested charged with rape: Reddit


It seems like the Manchester City player who goes by the name of Benjamin Mendy has been charged with rape. He is at the age of 27 and he has been charged with four different counts of rape and one of them is sexual assault which has been stated by the Cheshire police, the charges are for three complainants who are over the age of 16 and it is being alleged to have happened in the month of October in the year 2020 and in the month of August this year.

Manchester City Player Footballer Benjamin Mendy

Manchester City Player Benjamin Mendy Arrested

The player has been remanded in the custody and he is going to be appearing in front of Chester Magistrate court on Friday. The left-back has been playing for the Manchester City club since the year 2017, he even won the championship last year with the club, he joined the club from Monaco striking a deal of 52 Million Euros. It has been stated by Manchester City that the player has been suspended by the club due to the going on the case on the player and also the investigation is still pending so until everything gets cleared out as to what has happened, he is going to be remained suspended.

Manchester City Footballer Benjamin Mendy Arrested

It has been further stated by the club, this is a legal process and at this point in time, the club cannot state much more about the situation until the legal process is going to get completed, until then the club is not going to be making any kind of statement about the case. It has been stated by a police spokesperson, Crown prosecution service, and Cheshire Constabulary service is giving a reminder to everyone that the proceeding which is directed as criminal activity against Mendy is on its course and he has the right to have a fair trial.

It seems like there are going to be no comments from the club or his teammates about the situation as this is a legal matter now and anything which the club or the players say in these times can be used in favor or against them so it is pretty evident, the club and the players are not going to be uttering a word. if Mendy has truly done this, then he needs to be punished by the law authorities but this should happen after he goes on through hi fair trial which can turn out to be completely different as to what he is being stated as and is being accused of.

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