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Man Hand Chopped Off London: Man’s hand ‘chopped off at wrist by whitechapel vigilantes’


Man Hand Chopped Off London: There is a young man whose hand has been cut off after he was attacked by his own machete by vigilantes in East London which have been stated in the reports, a 19-year-old has suffered from life-changing injuries, the incident took place on Gloding street at the Whitechapel area, it has been stated by the Metropolitan police.

Man Hand Chopped Off London

Man Hand Chopped Off London

The officers were called to the residential area, in the borough of Tower Hamlets, this happened at 5:45 pm on Sunday, there is footage which has been posted on social media, a man is sitting on the kerb of pavement as he is being seen holding a tea towel which was on his arm as he was surrounded by splatters of his blood.

He was then rushed to the unit of major trauma, he was at the hospital and the injury has been described as a ” significant knife wound to the arm”. His condition was assessed and it has been stated it is not life-threatening but it is going to be life-changing for the man.

There was a second man who is in his 20’s and he was found nearby Christian street having a knife wound, he was then taken to the hospital before he got arrested and is being held in custody as of now, this has been stated by Met. There is an investigation which has been launched by the police.

There is separate footage which has come in the eyes of the authorities which have been recorded in the dashcam of one of the cars parked there, the recorded video has shown some part of the incident which is going to be highly useful for the authorities. It has been stated by met in a statement, they are aware of a video that is circulating on social media.

In the video it can be seen, a male is visibly injured on a street in Tower Hamlets, in the first half of the video, it appears it has been filmed following an incident in Golding Street which is under investigation as of now, it has been stated by one of the local councillors, a group of young men were armed with machetes have allegedly targeted innocent people in the area.

No one supports such a scenario and it is outright wrong to so such a thing and this should be a lesson for the people who carry knives that your weapon can be used against you which has happened in this case. We are going to be updating you about the whole scenario as soon as something important comes under our radar regarding the whole situation.

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  1. Hopefully the judge will hand him a tough sentence. On the the other hand, he could be handed a suspended sentence. It would be handy to know what happens to him. Got to hand it to him though, he bared the pain well. Probably need to get some hand wipes to clean the mess he made up though.
    Just realized there are more hands in this comment than he currently has now. Shame


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