Home News Magic Johnson Shoe Nike deal: Explains How He Lost Millions Of Dollars

Magic Johnson Shoe Nike deal: Explains How He Lost Millions Of Dollars


Magic Johnson Shoe Nike deal: Explains How He Lost Millions Of Dollars: If you are also curious to know about the storyline of winning time ‘the Rise of the Lakers Dynasty’ was Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson tuning down a deal with Nike after meeting founder Phil Knight. This was the most sought-after athlete during his time for the Los Angeles Lakers prodigy and that was deals pouring in. A deal was signed by Johnson with Nike. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Magic Johnson Shoe Nike deal

Magic Johnson Shoe Nike deal

In the episode in which Nike prepared a sample of the shoes, they would supply magic, with his name on it. These shoes were white, sleek, and had magic’s name in purple signifying his time with the Lakers. The deal was signed for roughly $100,000 a year. It is very surprising to everyone, why did Mr. Johnson take a deal with Nike so suddenly. Let us find the reason behind the signed deal in detail.


Why did Mr. Johnson sign a deal with Nike?

It is a very unexpected deal, which was never expected by anyone. As we know that Nike was still finding their feet in the sports shoe circuit and did not really have that much amount of money to make Johnson’s a solid deal. But why did Johnson sign a deal with Nike? Because the brand was all about track and field in its nascent stages, and instead of cash, knight offered him a stock-based deal, something which was not had Johnson did not really have a clue deal.


One year ago, Nike’s evaluation grew exponentially. After that for making the growth of Nike, for the first time ever Nike IPQ, Nike sold off their shares for only 18 cents each, and at the time of writing, the sneaker giant is valued at upwards of $219 billion.


Everyone knows that Nike and Johnson are all-time classic brands. From normal people to celebrities. Both the brands are famous among the users. Meanwhile, in the market, other small brands duplicate products just like the copy of Nick and Johnson. So we can the popularity of the brand among its fans and users.

Nike was not their first choice of Johnson. Rollback the years to 1984 when Nike was predominantly known for selling track shoes, and at the same time, the converse is one of the leading brands at the same time, it would be very interesting that who would go up and who will go down in this competition a

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