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Madonna x Nancy Reagan controversy explained


Madonna x Nancy Reagan controversy explained: In a controversial tweet, late actress Nancy Reagan recently concluded up on the Twitter trending page following Youtuber Classically Abby made the comparison the former to Madonna. The popular content creator and Youtube star drew comparisons between the two celebrities by sharing their respective pictures from their early 60s. She uploaded a recent photo from the latest unfiltered Instagram photoshoot of Madonna and an old picture of Reagan with her better half and family. The catchy caption of the tweet read: “This is Madonna at the age of 63. This is Nancy Reagan at the age of 64. Trashy living us. Which version of yourself do you want to be?” Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Madonna x Nancy Reagan

Madonna x Nancy Reagan controversy explained

This tweet immediately sparked a steamy debate on social media as the social media users expressed different opinions about the situation. While some find fault with Madonna and side with the stance of Abby, others slammed the latter for humiliating the pop star. Let’s check the entire controversy here.

Twitter Reacts To Abby Shapiro’s Nancy Reagan X Madonna Comparison 

Abigail Shapiro, The sister of Ben Shapiro alias Classically Abby on Youtube, is widely known for her conservative views on the social media platform. The social media influencer promotes conservative ways of living and earlier faced condemnation for uploading a video on the modest clothing styles of women. The year 2020 video titled “Why YOU should dress modestly” was highly criticized even though it gathered around 1.5 million views. More recently, the Youtuber had gone viral for comparing the lifestyle of Madonna to the lifestyle of Nancy Reagan’s in their 60s.

This stupid comparison left the web split as some people praised Madonna for her emancipate lifestyle and others sided with Reagan for her loyalty to family. Though the tweet also triggered many controversial rumors from the past of Nancy Reagan. One user referred to a passage from the biography of Kitty Kelley that asserted Reagan was known for her intimacy with co-stars during her time in Hollywood. It was also supposed that she rosed her popularity in the “MGM lot” because of her controversial relationships with males from the industry.

In the meantime, other users indicated that Nancy and her husband, an ex-president Ronald Reagan, maintained their silence at the height of the AIDS epidemic in the year 1980s, whereas Madonna “risked her career” to lift awareness about the disease around the same time, “Madonna risked her career to spread awareness about the AIDS epidemic whereas the lady on the right and her husband refused to even say the word,” The social media users also took to Twitter to share their reactions to the in-progress rumors about Reagan and her viral compression with Madonna.





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