Macleod Trail Accident: A horrifying accident that took place recently on Macleod Trail and has taken two lives and left one person injured. This shocking news has been circulating on social media and getting immense attention from the netizens. People are shocked after knowing the news and continuously responding to it. People are showing their sorrow for dead persons. It happened on Wednesday afternoon. The families of two dead persons have been informed by the police. Both families are devastated by this news. They are going through a tough time. Many people are searching online to know more details about the accident. In this article, you are going to get all the details about the matter so stay tuned. Follow More Update On

Macleod Trail Accident

Macleod Trail Accident

As per the sources, a multiple-vehicle fatal crash has happened on Monday afternoon in which two people have died and one is seriously injured. The accident took place on Macleod Trail between Lake Fraser Drive and Canyon Meadows Dr. in Calgary. The news of the accident has been receiving much attention from people. Calgary police have started the investigation of multiple-vehicle collisions after being reported. The police and emergency crews reached the scene at around 05:30 pm.

As per the statement of Sgt. Colin Foster, A truck was heading north on the McLeod Trail when it collided with the back of a white sedan. The truck and sedan passed over the middle and then collided with a southbound vehicle. Two persons of the sedan were declared dead at the spot. However, there is another person who was injured and was taken to the hospital immediately. There is no information has been disclosed about the injured person. The families of three victims have been informed about the accident.

Some pictures and videos have been going viral on social media from the accident spot. In some pictures, the police can be seen detaining a man at a Ford dealership off Lake Fraser Drive after he was spotted walking out from the spot. Apart from this, police stated that the third person is in critical condition. Although, EMS said that the third person doesn’t have life-threatening injuries and was admitted to the hospital in a stable condition. Macleod Trail has been closed after the accident. It is expected to open at night. The police have been asking if anyone has any footage or something of the crash.  All the Calgarians are instructed to avoid the area. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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