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M6 Junction 10 Closure: Long Delays Expected As M6 Junction 10 Shuts This Weekend


It is being expected the motorway is going to shut off at Junction 10 which is between Walsall and Wolverhampton which is going to happen from Friday at night as there is going to be a new bridge which is going to be installed which is a part of a 78 million Euro revamp. the route is going to be shut off from both directions to allow 44-meter long steel beams, it is going to be forming the part of the new bridge which is going to be lifted into place. it has already been delayed twice by Highways England and it is going to mark the third time lucky for the work which is happening at congestion-busting when it comes to the roundabout.

M6 Junction 10 Closure

M6 Junction 10 Closure

It has been stated by the road chief, the work is going to be a significant step when we talk about the 50 years old bridges which are currently in place across the motorway which is going to be replaced after some time. the number of lanes are also going to be a bottleneck junction which is also going to be increased from two to four which means, traffic is going to be leaving the M6 when we talk about junction 10. The junction is going to close on Friday at 8:00 pm and then it is going to be reopened on Monday at 6:00 am and there is going to be an up and over diversion which is going to be in place.

The vehicles are going to be able to move from one side to another, there is going to be a heavy congestion which is expected to occur as vehicles are going to make their way across the bridge which is going to consist of traffic lights and is going to be busy at the best of times. Drivers can use Junction 11 as they can use A462, A35, and B4210 Green lane if they are planning to reach Walsall, the people who are Northbound can use the same route just in reverse to rejoin at Junction 11.

The junction has been serving thousands of cars everyday and the traffic regularly backs up on the Wolverhampton road and Black County road when it is peak time and it has been stated by the transport chief that the project is going to solve the traffic issues of the area.

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