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M1 Motorbike Accident: One dead in horror M1 accident


M1 Motorbike Accident: One dead in horror M1 accident: Accidentals are raising like a wildfire and it is so mood spoiling to write the death due to the raid accidents. Our life is so precious and it is our responsibility to keep ourselves safe and even for our loved ones too. We might be careless for ourselves but we have to think about our loved ones as our life is not only our’s it is also for our families so we must drive slow. High speed is the main cause of several road accidents. It also leads to a raise n the death rate due to the accident this month’s first week as compared to the last week of the previous month. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

M1 Motorbike Accident

M1 Motorbike Accident

So here we are going to be upset with you guys with the terrible road accident for the motorist. He lost his life in the drastic and heart-shivering accident. The incident was devastating and make you all heartbroken to know that he lost his life tragically. You must be impatient to know how he had been lost his life and what does happened? Then in this article below you will be updated with a complete incident.

An accident occurred on Friday afternoon and this leads to an imposed at the southbound lanes of the M1. It took place at 3 pm and the rest of the drivers ta the road were stopped and they used to be informed by police after which there was a closure at the incident spot. When the officials were at the spot they call emergency services. It was a single motorcycle crash and was took place tragically that the motorist is no more. While at the same place there was the death of the 79-year-old and he lost his left tragically on Thursday.

As per the sources motorcyclist were traveling from an intersection. He was given aid by the orders but when the emergency services took him to the hospital, and there he had been announced dead. You will be shocked t know that there were almost thirteen riders who had been lost their lives in the accident in February last year. As per the research, it has been clear that almost 90 percent of the fatalities happen due to high speeding. There is still a preliminary investigation said by Assistant Commissioner Ben Marcus. He also said that there was almost 56 percent of the riders avoided wearing helmets. So as we said above our lief is our responsibility first.

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