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Lyondellbasell La Porte Incident: 2 Killed, 7 Injured After Chemical Leak At Lyondellbasell Facility In La Porte


There has been a bizarre scene at LyondellBasell Industries which is situated at Miller Cut off-road 1515 which has happened around 7:35 pm, The news conference that happened in the evening on Tuesday, it has been stated by the Marshal of County Fire that there have been two people who have died at the scene, there are two others that have been transported to a hospital, there has been one by LifeFlight and the other is by an ambulance.

Lyondellbasell La Porte Incident

Lyondellbasell La Porte Incident

There have been 5 people that have been treated at the scene and there have 31 people who are being reviewed for possible symptoms and it seems like that the people who are being accounted for are at the acetyls unit which has been stated by the officials.

It has been stated that the facility has experienced a chemical leak and the name of the acid which has leaked is being named as glacial acetic acid which has also been stated as ethanoic acid, ethylic acid, and methane carboxylic acid. it has been stated that it is a solvent that is there to produce terephthalic purified acid and it is also being stated as the key intermediate for many of the applications.

A statement has been released by LyondellBasell on the incident that took place-

At 10:00 pm on Tuesday dating to 27th July 2021, the personnel who have been working there are all being accounted for as there has been a chemical leak in the facility and it has been further stated that the facility has been shut down as there is going to be planned maintenance that is going to be required to get the place back to what it was as the chemical leak needs to be eliminated following a required process.

The air levels have indicated that it is not going to be critical for the community as it has been stated that the leak has been stopped and the clean-up is in progress. The statement further stated that they are pretty sad to confirm that two of the contractors have died because of the chemical leak, there have been 5 contractors and an employee who has been taken to the hospital for their treatment, they further stated that their thoughts and prayers are with the families of the individuals.

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